SOLC 31/31

I have alot to tell so tomorrow is the talent show at school and I’m in it. I’m doing an Irish dance and I’m so exited to be in it. Also tomorrow my horse Riva it her birthday I know you may not care but she will be 29-years old and that is pretty old for a horse my mom’s horse was 28 when we had to put him down. But my girl is still going strong and steady. Well I’v been doing this for a month and I think this was nice to do because we had to do it every night and had to make a commitment to doing ¬†it every day and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

SOLC 30/31

Today I was going to have homework from Social Studies but again I finished and didn’t have any so after school I had drum lesson then went home and rode my horse then it started to rain a little, but then after a while I heard some thunder and so I rushed to but my horse Riva away then went inside and it started to down pore so then I ate and got ready for bed blog tomorrow bye.

SOLC 29/31

Today I was going to have Social Studies for homework but then I finished and then like a minute later the bell rang. Tonight we wern’t doing anything so I went out to ride my horse and now that the ground isn’t all muddy I rode my horse in the yard and for some reason she didn’t like where we were in the yard and she tried to throw me but I stayed on then hopped off and then it was time to come in. Bye.

SOLC 28/31

Today is Monday and I don’t have piano for a two week spring break so I have time to relax and do my homework. So you know how spring break is next week and people keep asking me what I’m doing for spring break and my sister, mom, and I may be going to Ohio for this really big horse show you know how big Iona county fair grounds are well just image that but like 100x bigger. Yea I’m exited because it’s all horse related from cloths to saddles to even some horses for sale.

SOLC 27/31

So today was Easter Sunday and I went to church and you will never believe who I saw at church today. Mr. Rob it was kind of surprising to see him again after I saw him yesterday at the egg hunt well we are just getting home so I have to go bye.

SOLC 26/31

Today my dad took my sister to the park for the Easter egg hunt and so I went along too and took our Golden Retriever Ginger with us and you will never guess who I saw Mr. Rob he is up here with his family too I was surprised then this evening I filled up our fake eggs with candy because we have our own little egg hunt at our house too, and I boilled some eggs to paint too.

SOLC 25/31

Today was Good Friday and I didn’t do anything really but rode my horse and slept in alot. And today I was going to do Equestrian Team practice but I didn’t go because we are headed up north for Easter.